We see them lumbering up and down the highways and roads all around us these days and most of us understand that transport trucks and other big vehicles are critical to moving people and products to where we need them to go. However, everything we see today started somewhere in the past and the history of trucking in North America is an interesting lesson in how necessity is the mother of invention.

Well before Acadian Driveaway and the industry leading driveaway-long haul and driveaway local services we’ve been offering for 30 years, The Winton Motor Carriage Company of Cleveland introduced the very first transport trailer way back in 1896.

The Earliest Truck Transport

Alexander Winton, the CEO of the company, is generally credited by historians with developing the first semi-truck which he developed so he could deliver his manufactured vehicles without damaging them. It’s that same dedication to providing 100% customer service that enables us to serve clients across both Canada and the United States. Acadian Driveaway even has affiliates on both sides of the border.

If you’re looking for a bus transport service, we’re on the job with a trusted team of professionals there as well. We found a few interesting facts from the Canadian government that boosts the value of our bus shuttle service. Remember that our local vehicle delivery service incorporates buses and trucks all within a local radius of 100 miles around Toronto.

Did you know:

• The bus is still considered the number one method of Canadian urban transportation? As you might imagine, the history of this popular form of transportation started in Europe way back in 1662 with the public bus service in Paris.
• Our vehicle delivery services can handle almost everything on four wheels including armoured cars, emergency vehicles and even fire trucks. The Canadian Fire fighters Museum traces back the history of these motorized specially outfitted vehicles back to around 1910 here in Canada and they have a variety of other models on display at their Port Hope museum including a 1941 GMC Pumper.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for help with truck transport or you need to take advantage of our bus shuttle services, we look after each and every one of our clients with an unwavering dedication to 100% satisfaction. We have years of experience and Better Business Bureau accreditation to better served you. Why not get in touch today?